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lexus is350
by siRRonWong

2007 Infiniti G35 Sport Tops Inside Line?s Sport Sedans’s online car magazine Inside Line has recently announced that the 2007 Infiniti G35 Sport has won the latest comparison test of sport sedans.

There were five sport sedans that the editorial team of Inside Line has compared and these are as follows:

• 2007 BMW 335i (MSRP ,650 and True Market Value® (TMV®) of ,290) -- equipped with a six-cylinder, 300-horsepower engine and six-speed automatic transmission;

• 2008 Cadillac CTS (MSRP ,715 and TMV® of ,159) -- equipped with a six-cylinder, 304-horsepower engine and six-speed automatic transmission;

• 2007 Infiniti G35 Sport (estimate ,800 and TMV® of ,928) -- equipped with high quality Nissan floor mats, a six-cylinder, 306-horsepower engine and five-speed automatic transmission;

• 2008 Lexus IS350 (MSRP ,815 and TMV® of ,651) -- equipped with a six-cylinder, 306-horsepower engine and six-speed a

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Nissan 350Z IMG_2012
nissan cars 2012

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Nissan Expands Infiniti Brand in Asia
Infiniti's launch in Indonesia marks the start of a new 25-country expansion drive for the brand over the next two years. | April 13, 2011 | Nissan North America Inc.
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Silent Sales Success: Plug-In Electric Cars
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Let's say you are an automobile manufacturer. Let's further say that you want to sell every car you make, preferably the same day the car arrives at the dealership, so that there is no inventory and no discounts. Ferrari has done this for years or decades. But so can Chevrolet and Nissan, with their new plug-in electric cars, Volt and Leaf. These silent electric cars are ...

Electric cars this year's silent sales success
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Let's say you are an automobile manufacturer. Let's further say that you want to sell every car you make, preferably the same day the car arrives at the dealership, so that there

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Infiniti G37 As recounted last week, I had been wanting for years to meet up with my best friend and both of our fathers in a pair of Mazda RX-8s for a spirited West Virginia road trip. Finally, the appointed day arrived for the drive from Detroit to West Virginia. The car selected for the task: a 2010 Infiniti G37S six-speed coupe.

I requested the G37S because I’ve been curious about the right-sized rear-drive Infiniti ever since it launched back in 2002, but have never spent much time with the three-pedal variant. Also, while I’d personally need the sedan, I’ve never driven the coupe at all. The drive called for a car that would still be comfortable after 6+ hours, but competent on a challenging mountain road. A perfect opportunity to evaluate the G.

Nissan was not willing to let me drive the car all the way to Virginia and back (my original plan). Do other journalists ask the manufacturer if they can drive the car X miles, or do they realize it’s easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission? Well, I had asked. Fortunately, when I offered to limit the miles to about 800, they relented. The Infiniti would sit in Bridgeport, WV, while we spent a few days in the RX-8s.

Leaving as little as possible to chance delays happen I asked Nissan to drop the car off two days early. They dropped the car off on schedule, but when I drove across town that evening to meet up with Edward and Ronnie for the Volt drive, I drove my personal car. After all, every mile spent driving in the Detroit suburbs was a mile I would not be able to drive in Ohio’s fabled Hocking Hills. This was all for the best. All three of us ended up in my car after the event, and even someone of Ronnie’s physical stature would find headroom lacking in the back seat of the G37 coupe.

Friday morning arrives. The temperature is a bit below freezing, and a thin layer of ice coats the coupe. The 2010’s shape is less chiseled than that of the first-gen coupe, but it’s still quite attractive, especially in “Athens blue.” Wheels with an even number of spokes tend to look less dynamic, and I’m generally no fan of multi-spoke designs, but the ten-spoke 19s look great on this car. The G37 coupe’s trunk is about as tight as they come, but I manage to fit a huge duffel containing far more clothes than I could possibly need (packed mindlessly at the last minute), hiking boots, laptop bag, and a box containing a 21.5” LCD panel (I work most efficiently with a pair of full-HD displays).

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Infiniti is a car brand that is synonymous with style, power, innovation and technology. There is hardly any positive emotion that an Infiniti car owner doesn’t feel on being able to possess it. Be it the pride of owning it, be it the joy of driving it or be it the temptation of flaunting it, an Infiniti car touches a car lover’s heart in a deep way. There can be no better alternative to the Infiniti cars, whether you set out for a long drive with your sweetheart by your side or you race on the tracks. Luxury, elegance and speed – all these qualities come intact no matter which Infiniti car you bring home.

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