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hero On May - 14 - 2012

Subaru of America, Inc. has released a new YouTube video of the 2011 Subaru WRX STI setting an all-time course record for the historic Isle of Man TT Mountain Course. The 5 minute 25 second video highlights in graphic detail the speed and drama surrounding rally driver Mark Higgins' lap that averaged 115.356 MPH. After the run, Higgins talks through the "moment" at Brey Hill when he momentarily loses, and then regains, control of the WRX STI at more than 150 MPH. Driving a US specification 2011 Subaru WRX STI, Higgins achieved speeds of 162 MPH and a lapped time of 19 minutes 37 seconds over the 37-mile track, navigating more than 200 corners. "This is one of the most daunting tracks I have ever driven, and the most terrifying," said Higgins, a Manx native. "We were only able to get two practice runs and on our second practice I had the biggest "moment" of my career. We had a passenger on the run and so coming into Bray Hill at more than 150 MPH, the extra weight compressed the suspension more than on previous runs and shifted the Subaru to the left and then right as I corrected--it was a real tank slapper. The whole thing went by so quickly that we never slowed below 110 MPH, and then we were back on the power. It was amazing and the helicopter shots really show just how hairy it really was." The WRX STI was a production US spec car running a standard 305 HP turbocharged boxer engine. Some safety modifications were made. The Subaru was equipped with a Lifeline fire ...
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24 Responses so far.

  1. britishbikes12 says:

    He was required to run straight pipes so spectators would not get in the way. That is pretty much how a Subaru sounds with no mufflers.

  2. patakamusic says:

    Sheee, he can’t even stay in his lane. lol j/k :)

  3. maxwellmaxamillian says:

    Our 21 year old Subaru is awesome,so hard to imagine a nice one like this to actually drive like that

  4. romanval69 says:

    It’s still difficult to compare bikes vs cars. Most superbikes have lap times similar to cars with no aero downforce (wings or ground effects), which makes sense since bikes have no downforce either.

  5. larsaskogstad85 says:

    wrong. You have much mure cornering with a car and more braking power.

  6. 9dewittk says:

    That is not always true. Check out the BBC Top Gear video of the Ariel Atom. It kicks the sports bikes ass on the track.

  7. aluisious says:

    Certainly true, I ride and drive on the same roads and it’s a whole different experience.

  8. romanval69 says:

    Motorcycles are still faster since a car’s width forces it to take a tighter line through chicanes — whereas a motorcycle’s line through the same turns can be a bit wider (thus faster).

  9. VeryVeryBigAss says:

    хочу самые первые кросы!!!

  10. SamDeMan1981 says:

    Production Spec my a**e that’s been sent to Prodrive…

  11. roadcommander132 says:

    Open exhaust

  12. roadcommander132 says:

    Holy smokes that was bad ass.

  13. suzuki400boi says:

    No, the “action” hasn’t been sped up..But the sound has been tampered with to fuck..Not that Sti’s sound good.

  14. olaosc says:

    Loeb would rinse it!!!!

  15. IndianaPwnz says:

    well theres no way thats a “production spec” exhaust system

  16. SamOmanzing says:

    Wow that’s awesome

  17. barsorrro says:

    Well, my point is as valid as anyone else’s — it’s just an opinion :) .
    Granted, everything, when pushed to the point of extremity, becomes absurd. I agree that motorsports can’t go without speed and some risks. The question is the balance. To me, as mentioned, motorsports should be about skills in the first place, and only _some_ courage to excercise them. Indeed, this race is _very_ different to a rally stage, where you would rarely see cars exceed 200 kmh.

  18. man710r says:

    I’m not 100% sure how valid your point is…. this was during TT week when competitors go considerably faster than this on motorbikes, which is somewhat more dangerous. Also, what he was doing was no different to a rally stage he is very used to driving, apart from the amount of houses surrounding the track maybe. Motorsport is dangerous, who ever said it has to be a cotton wool track with 3 mile run offs and Health and Safety inspectors at every corner? Sod that, this is real racing.

  19. barsorrro says:

    It was an amazing show of composure and worth of utmost praise.
    On the other hand — to me race driving and motorsports adrenaline rush is not about putting the driver (… and a codriver) to stupid risks like that. I think driving is fun, because it’s about having the skill and the reflexes to control the vehicle with precision, not about guts to put your life on the line driving 150 MPH on a bumpy road.

  20. dbasq1 says:

    Whoever edited this video clearly is a can of wank.
    Leave the shit editing and poorly syncronised engine sounds to them wankers who make ‘Fast & the Furious’.
    Take a look at ‘Subaru Impreza WRC With Pure Engine Sounds’ and learn something.

  21. tehbakedpotato says:

    The Subaru alone would be music to my ears.

  22. ShortyDammit says:

    Agreed. And no freakin’ music.

  23. ShortyDammit says:

    What I found interesting during the ‘moment’ was the shot of his face while going through it. He didn’t have an “OH SHIT!” look on his face until after he had already gathered it back up and it was over. While trying to save it he remained focused.

    Also, turn the stupid music off.

  24. marckart66 says:

    i want to try this! Good save at end!