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hero On May - 17 - 2012 Original 36217 mile, 2 owner local car! MSRP was over 0K! 5.4 liter DOHC V-8 @ 345hp, auto w OD, limited slip diff, mirror finish black paint, tan supple 8 way power seat leather interior, power sunroof, power windows + locks, original sound system, original 17 cup alloys, air-conditioning, 1 of only 200 GTS built, only 50 in black, books stamped, owners manual, spectacular condition, original 175mph supercar, still smells new. 301.816.1000

Black/Tan, European Version, 113000 miles, nice car, car is in Chattanooga, Tennessee,
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  1. sn9696 says:


  2. euro944t says:

    This car is prob $45-$55k?
    only 36k miles

  3. euro944t says:

    Do the RMB on exhaust, sounds like a 924.

    That garage should be shaking, you should feel like a huge jungle lion is growling? in the back seat like beginning of MGM films

  4. euro944t says:

    350-360 HP.

    diff cams and head & biggest motor, moving rear axle that? turned in, LSD in the auto is like driver faggot AIDS.

    bEST pipes ever with X-pipe & RMB, nothing can compare, NO SUBSTITUTE !

  5. sigsauer12 says:

    if you sell these cars learn? how to pronounce the name. porsha

  6. GamelsmurfXXX says:

    - Gts are not so strong as ure S4 The S4 are just better and iff u like em dont bye the Manual gearshifted … My self runs the S4 my friends allways hawe trubels in there GTS , Cams where down on them faster…and realy pain? to use iff manual,my goes faster and shifts nicer and trubel free so far -88 928S4 5.0L

  7. MrBazz77 says:

    Very clean indeed!
    Beautiful machine!
    i owned an S4 looking to buy a GTS
    Car looks wonderful, this guy is genuine
    is the car still for sale?
    im from the UK
    many thanks for a? good through report!
    hope to hear from you!

  8. SANYUR says:

    @danglethrow Blame it on the 928′s high $100K price tag which in 94 could buy a BMW 850CSI & the ? Japanese Sport Cars, Mostly the Supra Turbo which is the (Japanese Porsche 928).

  9. notrickroll says:

    get it waxed? :)

  10. deKubber says:

    i would love this. i wonder if it’s ready to change hands? again?

  11. AndreyPurtov says:

    Perfect? german’s autobahn eater !

  12. proni1 says:

    this dude is such a car? salesman

  13. MrLTawesome says:

    we have 2 porsche 928′s here at home, one of them? is GTS

  14. FAST928GTS says:

    yes but hard to? find

  15. epistte says:

    It’s a shame that this 928 is a slushbox.

    The back seats in the 928 were for legless midgets and were likely put there for insurance purposes. Porsche should have offers an option to remove the seats and the attendant accessories and replace that space with storage nets for a briefcase or bag.?

  16. mrwhite21 says:

    yeah there is, a 1994 928? with stick

  17. archon808 says:

    What, its not? Its 17 years old, and your? here watching a video about it.

  18. manofweed1 says:

    Wot no? cupholders ??

  19. KonFusedKid23 says:

    i didnt catch, was it an auto or a manual?

    would be? a shame to waste such an engine one an auto

  20. coltsuperocean10 says:

    Whats with the retard walking through the? shot at 0.33? He had a proper pair of “Papillion” glasses on!!

  21. nkx1 says:

    -? Yes, I’m sure that must have been it. It couldn’t possibly be the more plausible explanation of him being the typical greasy car salerperson talking out of his ass.

  22. TheTallMan35 says:

    He must? have been thinking 911 Turbo and forgot that he was talking about the 928 GTS.

  23. Flies2FLL says:

    Something like 85% of 928′s? had a Mercedes Benz-sourced automatic transmission. A GTS like this one with a manual transmission is a RARE BIRD, and it would command a much higher price as a result.

  24. HEADSTOCK7 says:

    saw this model at the Detroit Cobo show. Killer in real life, but this one, why automatic???? still a great? machine, the one I saw was in white. NICE

  25. gumpster66 says:

    I love those, first time I? saw one was in 1985 while stationed in west germany, saw it on the show room floor.

  26. Finalize777 says:

    Give us a more detailed video and test? drive!