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hero On April - 27 - 2012 Fredric Aasbo sent shockwaves throughout the Formula Drift scene in his 2010 rookie season as he started taking out Formula Drift champions from the get-go. Nicknamed "The Champkiller" and quickly becoming an icon of the David vs. Goliath drifting battles, Fredric ultimately earned the prestigious 2010 Formula Drift Rookie of the Year award. Going all out no matter the circumstances, Fredric has garnered a strong transatlantic fan following spanning from California to Northern Europe and beyond. Born and raised in the midst of the Scandinavian countryside, Fredric was quickly introduced to the Norwegian rally scene. As a boy he was let into go-karts, and proved his car control skills at an early age being very fast under slippery conditions. Discovering drifting a couple of years later got him hooked on this new form of motorsports. Quickly earning a reputation for combining super aggressive drifting with a humble personality in the pits, Fredric toured the North European drifting circuit for two years. With 30+ victories and multiple championship titles in the North European scene and with a dream of going up against the best, Fredric competed at select rounds of the Formula Drift championship in 2010. Ultimately, he became the Formula Drift Rookie of the Year and earned the Hardest Charging Driver of the Year award and the Insane Entry Award at the Irwindale finals. Coming off his recent 2011 Formula Drift UAE Invitational win, Fredric is set to take on ...

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23 Responses so far.

  1. lamboisking says:

    this car? aint FWD

  2. vaca129 says:

    If they made? an awd version of this car it would be so sick.

  3. vaca129 says:


  4. JeepYJJunkie says:

    LMFAO! Yeah, it sure is a FWD, look at that angle,? Look at where the smoke is coming from. That’s a FWD, NOT!

  5. Kingswagga247 says:

    It’s FWD, assuming it? hasn’t been modified.

  6. moderator500 says:

    is this car a AWD??

  7. rhythmnsmoke says:

    What’s hard to believe, that my tC blows the doors off my old 350z? Shouldn’t be? to hard to believe when I have a video of it on my YouTube page.

  8. jufrabappa says:

    that’s hard to believe! at least the tc were? deep modified..

  9. rhythmnsmoke says:

    Thanks. Sold it though. Always had a hard time deciding which one I like driving the most, the tC or the 350z. My tC? was twice as fast as my 350z was.

  10. rhythmnsmoke says:

    Funniest definition for what’s a Girly car if I ever heard one. Have you ever seen any of these? tC’s used in a marketing commercial to sell cars? Why do you think the tC is the only Fwd car converted to Rwd to run in Formula D? Do you know what the rule book says about FWD to Rwd conversions?

  11. jufrabappa says:

    and by the way your wife is a? lucky person she can drive a great car to work every day…

  12. jufrabappa says:

    i say it’s a girly car because cars nowadays are simply commuters,boring moviles..the time were cars? were fun are over now…a car that u know your gonna feel like a robot driving it it’s wath i call a ‘girly car’…..
    350′s,rx7′s and even miatas are fun cars were you can have a joy time driving them but cars that a company want desperately to sell to us as cool cars changing even his configuration from fwd to rwd..not a opcion to me…

  13. rhythmnsmoke says:

    Wha’ts a girly car? If you deem a car “girly” simply because you see a lot of females driving one, then you need to put 350z, RX8 on the list of girly cars even though they are bonified built to perform sports cars. See quite a bit of middle aged women driving those.? Hell my wife drove our old 6sp 350z to work on a daily basis.

  14. jufrabappa says:

    i dont like the car even if scion is putting? a lot of maney trying to sell them as cool’s cars,i just dont like the hole thing…its an ugly girly car..but that’s just my opinion..

  15. sparticussupremo says:

    they use the toyota motor that comes with the car they just transverse mounted it then did some internal motor work along with a twin scroll turbo set up as you could see and a supra rear axel to hold all the? torque and power they want to push into it so its all in the toyota family

  16. kirbygreen420 says:

    turbo scoin four banger. they show it at end.. this isnt a v8 swap or some other frankinstein hybrid one off…?

  17. 24okay says:

    Is the damn thing at least using a? Toyota motor? If not, then this car is complete garbage. It’s just a damn chassis with a motor that should have been used from the original vehicle in the first place. Next up, is the drifting Girlie VW Bettle and Jetta! Pfffttt…

  18. XenoRacing says:

    At what cost? lol. Full race suspension, engine/drive train swap, ground effects and a paintjob.?

  19. SHADO62223 says:

    Video with Fredric Aasbo car’s Oo
    Good job? John =D

  20. oynovedoy says:

    what motor is that?? its got ITBS, is it a silver top 4age?

  21. razioth says:

    Well you don’t seem like a Honda fanboy faggot that puts a fart can on your car, or a boeing spoiler? so you’re part of the civic drivers that deserve respect, to me

  22. horeR34 says:

    but i like the scion cars? wish they sell FT86 RWD turbo in australia.

  23. horeR34 says:

    Its funny how american like civic and build? them crasy ways, in australia we use civic as pine cars trash them then burn them.