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hero On April - 25 - 2012

FORMORE CAR VIDEOS & REVIEWS VISIT: Honda Civic Sedan. When you say Honda, the next word that likely comes to mind is Civic. After more than 30 years on the market, the Honda Civic continues to impress with its blend of high fuel economy, legendary reliability and class-leading resale values. A total redesign in 2006 helped name the Civic Kelley Blue Books Best Redesigned Vehicle of 2006 as well as address one of the Civics weaker attributes, its bland styling. With a sleek, angular new body and a high-tech interior, the Civic Sedan visually distinguishes itself from the competition. Welcome our comprehensive Kelley Blue Book review of the Honda Civic Sedan. A combination of value and good looks, the Honda Civic Sedan continues to be the standard by which compact cars are measured. For more new car reviews, interviews and automotive news visit today.

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  1. lol7497 says:

    @imunnai Yeah whatever you say. Toyota-moving foward..even when you? don’t want to.
    Honda never had their gas pedals stuck. Lexus is just overpriced toyota. Just look at toyota camry xle vs lexus es its the same fckin thing.

  2. elfmancivic says:

    I? used to like toyota and toyota. But then they thought too much about themselves and started to fuck up. from early 2000′s, both honda and toyota started to have recall after recall…and you take em back to the dealer, you pay for the repair..

  3. Chrispisz12 says:

    The inside is sooooo? ugly

  4. chinchilly97 says:

    my mom owns an 08 civic with leather. its comfortable. the interor is ugly. i feel cross eyed looking out the windshield because its so far away. i cant see the hood (personal pet peeve). and the blind spots are big and? right in your vision. hate the thing. Good acceleration though.

  5. greeleykid says:

    thats why toyota has many best selling cars right? not just their hybrid POS that get’s less MPG than a GAS powered NON hybrid civic or? ford focus? yeah, toyota’s are awesome. i love not being able to stop my car while looking like a smug basterd that buys a status symbol.

  6. damiata101 says:

    plush ride??? I’ve had a 2007 civic ex since it came out and the ride is very rough and you feel every bump in the road. It’s? a GREAT car but the only thing I don’t like IS the suspension. It’s very sporty-ish and quick when it comes to steering, but it’s not very comfortable throughout a town with kindof rough roads…. Like mine

  7. haitianboy04 says:

    Honda is more comfortable than toyota and the vtec? engine is the most reliable engine oout there, most of them goes above 300.000 miles with no special care. The Civic is one of the most tuned car out there, because it’s fast,reliable cheap and good mpeg. If you ever own a Honda you would understand.

  8. Republic1ders says:

    Yeah? guy, in the early 20′s it began assembly in S. Korea…..Doesn’t matter if it was introduced in Japan.

  9. djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

    are you high? or something???

  10. Republic1ders says:

    Mazda is Korean.? Get your facts right kind sir.

  11. alexjxcx says:

    typicaly it isnt but this year, the civic is? a more fun to drive and high tech then the accord

  12. mustang633NY says:

    and a Corolla will be noisy assuming toyota? uses the same 4 cylinder in the Camry as they do in the Corolla………

  13. guitarb3ast7x says:

    i like this design more? than the newer one

  14. streesmut70 says:

    See? at 4:26 with some of Si Hatch of ’98 – 2000 MY

  15. MacBooker4444 says:

    KBB!!! This car is not quiet on the road, you guys? don’t know what your talking bout!

  16. 333Ryanharp says:

    i have that? exact car… i’ve taken long trips in it, and although the seats are kind of hard; it isn’t that bad.

  17. 18switchfoot says:

    im considering on buying an 2006 honda civic EX. I? was just curious, how is the seat comfort for long trips?

  18. officialNickL says:

    Hey! What do you mean by an audio system is optional? Is? that the CD player or…