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hero On March - 24 - 2012

Step into the Audi for a breakneck run through Test Drive Unlimited 2. Atari has released a new movie from Test Drive Unlimited 2 showcasing this upcoming sequel to Test Drive Unlimited due to be available in North America on February 8th, for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 - the game will launch across Europe on February 11th. Test Drive Unlimited 2 features MOOR (Massively Open Online Racing) immersing drivers in a persistent online environment with players compete, team up, and share their achievements and creations online. The game will also offer vehicle damage, weather effects, day and night cycles, and a brand new island to explore. PRE-ORDER NOW: Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Official AudiTrailer | HD Developer: Eden Games Release Date: Feb 11, 2011 Genre: Racing Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC Publisher: Atari Website: ESRB T (Lyrics; Mild Suggestive Themes; Simulated Gambling) FOLLOW XboxViewTV on Twitter TAGS: tdu2 test drive unlimited 2 Official Audi Trailer Multiplayer Modes game spiel xbox 360 houses gameplay cars locations world hd attract official video videogames microsoft hot sexy women videospiel ps3 sony playstation pc namcobandai namco bandai racing open online atari eden automobiles motor sports gaming consoles xboxviewtv view tv yt:quality=high

The famous German car manufacturer is on the spotlight for this trailer. Discover the Audi Line up of Test Drive Unlimited 2 as an appetizer to the upcoming masterpiece. Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be released on February 11th 2011 on PS3, X360 and PC. Join the high class drivers community on or visit the official website for more information.
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    Audi? R8 is ny favourite Audi

  2. z00k33p3r52591 says:

    @MrsTessaGrace Cool? story, bro.

  3. MrsTessaGrace says:



  4. MrsTessaGrace says:



  5. MrsTessaGrace says:



  6. MrsTessaGrace says:



  7. MrsTessaGrace says:


  8. MrsTessaGrace says:

    i have a face in my? vagina and it rules

  9. MrsTessaGrace says:

    @z00k33p3r52591 Your a fag, eat a dick, pc then ps3 because why would? you wanna pay for internet twice, btw i am always right

  10. ZIPLINEtoPARADISE17 says:

    What the fuck? Just because you guys are Xbox fanboys, it does no mean Xbox is better than PS3. Playstation has the capability to sustain a higher quality graphic game, take the Uncharted series for example. It is a FACT that the PS3 has better graphics than the Xbox and it won’t be long before? the Xbox is lagging behind, trying to stay up to date with the latest technology. Plus you have to pay for online, unlike PS3 :D But I will admit that neither can compare to PC graphics. PC>PS3>Xbox.

  11. Shift4chizzle says:

    @SilentS0lid true but in? a game like LA noire u can tell they are trying to make it have nice graphics. graphics also do determine which console or whatever is best to make the game on. in my opinion (which is rooted by fact) the PC is the best then to port to xbox then PS3

  12. SilentS0lid says:

    @Shift4chizzle the graphics doesn’t? matter. the main thing is that the game runs very good on both consoles.

  13. Shift4chizzle says:

    @SilentS0lid and LA noire only had good facial expressions the graphis? werent that great

  14. Shift4chizzle says:

    @SilentS0lid they? use xbox and pc to make games then port it to other because they are much easier to code on so they are easier to get better graphics and for cheaper, like Battlefield 3 that is coming out is being made on PC then ported to xbox and then to ps3-they will get more for less. on ps3 they need around double the memory to get the same graphics

  15. SilentS0lid says:

    @Shift4chizzle lol. I do not think you know what you’re talking about. there are many games out there that works well with ps3.
    I do not understand why? people do not have the ps3 version as leader and then ports to xbox.
    look at LA. NOIRE. PS3 version ported to the Xbox. and then it works really well on both = D

  16. DRAGBLEEC says:

    Audi cool cars

  17. z00k33p3r52591 says:

    @Shift4chizzle Still pc > xbox> ps3 always will? be.

  18. Shift4chizzle says:

    @z00k33p3r52591 the old one does but the one i have doesnt, plus xbox has a much higher fps and is smoother and even if it did run on the 3 year old dx9 it is stll better than ps3 which says a lot, the ps3 put all that work into their games for nothing, and btw the reason most ppl buy ps3 is because of blue ray and possibly free internet service but that is really it, the xbox runs DVD’s just fine and? the internet doesnt cost that much

  19. z00k33p3r52591 says:

    @Shift4chizzle Um, maybe because the? xbox runs on 3 year old dx9?

  20. Beastsoldia says:

    pre ordered :) cant w8 2 race? online and crash someones car

  21. nacho588425 says:

    and the tt rs spyder???

  22. Playboy18MG says:

    R8 is? the best <3

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