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hero On October - 19 - 2011

Get a video introduction of the Totally New 2008 Toyota Sequoia SUV.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Toyota's 4Runner was completely redesigned for 2010. Jessi Lang introduces some of the new features along with Steve Hammes. We take this formidable 4x4 on a road test and review it to help you make a better buying decision For more car reviews and forums visit
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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45 Responses so far.

  1. madedd02 says:

    My uncle got one of these in Ukraine..there is no roads there, so he made a perfect choice buying one !

  2. bobbyjans says:

    @shawnjeka right on the money amigo

  3. aristarchuscom says:

    I own one an 08 similar to this. Best vehicle ever. The 09 does exist and was a Canada export. Fun vehicle. See my you tube of it supporting my winter camping trip in the north cascades.

  4. 64bitgfx says:

    the newer sequoia’s, yes

  5. 64bitgfx says:

    ur ricer excursion is garbage

  6. 64bitgfx says:

    no such thing as a 09 sequoia, get a 08 or 10 sequoia(2nd generation) SR5, idk what ur budget is but the limited is nicer, the platinum is even more nicer but cost alot more money

  7. 64bitgfx says:

    the sequoia is based off the tundra

  8. TheAFKO says:

    I saw that car, it’s giant. :O

  9. 70snova says:

    Brian. Nice bloated up whale their your selling. Made in America? HAHA. Try assembled here. This must be why toyota has their own ships?

  10. Burbag118 says:

    i?m german and i love such cars.

  11. skirmish007 says:

    such a large beast! i like it!

  12. soojenite says:

    0-60 faster than the range rover sport super charged.

  13. JDIGlobo says:


  14. halflife103 says:


  15. rangerover06sc says:

    was extremely relible,now there full sized truck and suvs have dropped to average since 2007

  16. caraddict520 says:

    this car is why foreigners dont like americans

  17. caraddict520 says:

    this car is crap

  18. Caliboyz101139 says:

    whats a “Jup”??


  19. angelo93535 says:

    Fuck Jup crap

    Black Power!

  20. SparkHID says:

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  21. usa1america says:

    Fuck Jap crap!

    White Power!

  22. joedinaadi says:

    the other night there was 13 people total in my 5.7l tundra 9 in the bed 4 in the cab

  23. Markgreatbrit says:

    toyota is extreemly reliable..

  24. morito12345678 says:

    get aids

  25. halflife103 says:

    holy crap man you have issues

  26. WinterXL says:

    @AkimboNation maybe you should stop hanging with those limp wrist ladyboys

  27. Annihilator1111 says:

    the 2010-present Toyota 4Runner is assembled in
    Tahara, Aichi, Japan

  28. AkimboNation says:

    jessi lang sounds like a man.

  29. CannibalDave says:

    I have a 2010 SR5 4Runner. For what it’s worth, I recently got 26 miles per gallon average on a 1000 mile road trip, which was all highway driving. I couldn’t believe it, either.

  30. almazplusmaria says:

    shes hot!

  31. axxxxman says:

    Love the new look so much I bought one. Good power, stable and quiet on the highway, a classic suv which is a good thing.

  32. juki0h says:

    man! i love the design and look of this vehicle

  33. MrXparta says:

    @COMBATBOOOTS I want to plow through Jessi Langs virgin snow valley!

  34. yynotnnh says:

    I saw this in traffic thinking it was the new FJ Cruiser .. then I saw the 4Runner logo I always liked the 4Runner by Toyota. But the new look is kinda ugly guess it has to grow on me.. But still a nice SUV would defiantly buy one when I get in the market for an suv.

  35. sport1500bullit says:

    Swear every black car looks great in snow. 6 stars.

  36. baadshaah11 says:

    What an amazing SUV for offroading.

  37. mountain885 says:

    The new one looks boxy

  38. Raptor232 says:

    All car comanies need to stop pushing their shitty SUVs….not only do they get horrible fuel economy, but they also kill people when they hit smaller cars…

  39. COMBATBOOOTS says:

    @MandatoryFurball cool but first i get to plow your mom your sister your girlfriend and if your lucky maybe even you

  40. MandatoryFurball says:


  41. CACressida says:

    @kozthe Those aren’t leafs. Those are trailing arms. The rear suspension is carry over from the 4th gen 4Runner, the FJ Cruiser and 120 LandCruiser Prado. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

  42. kozthe says:

    @CACressida You can clearly see leaf springs several times, prominantly @0:23 and 2:35, 2:47…

  43. CACressida says:

    @kozthe Because it doesn’t have leaf springs.

  44. taitai907 says:

    Toyota needs to take some styling cues from it’s older 4Runners. I think the new ones look so average. Good drivetrain, though. Still, I prefer the simple and old transmissions and engines.

  45. hatelibs1 says:

    what the hell is a yeoman job Steve you are a JERK.