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hero On August - 26 - 2011
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Boston Lexus: Boston Lexus dealer to sell exciting showcase seen at CAS

The excitement in the air of in a Boston Lexus dealerafter the Chicago Auto Show was at an all-time high, and for good reason.  Lexus' display at the CAS was titled "Performance" but in reality, it was so much more than that.  In its new vehicles, Lexus has given every modern day driver exactly what they've been longing for: performance, efficiency, technology and connectivity.  Thanks to Lexus, modern day drivers no longer have to give up style, power and entertainment to save a tree.  For that we say, go Lexus.


Five Axis Project CT:

Perhaps the most exciting Lexus vehicle on display at this year's Chicago Auto Show was the Five Axis Project CT.  The vehicle would have defined the statement "not your grandma's hybrid" to a T, if you're grandma was young enough to drive a hybrid.  The styling of the vehicle is strong, aggressive and modern.  Its closest sibling is probably a hatchback, but the lines on this vehicle are so unique it's hard to classify it.  For you automotive junkies out there, the vehicle sits low to the ground thanks to its use of a TEIN Flex coilover suspension system; for you non-automotive junkies, the vehicle, quite simply, sits low to the ground.


The suspension is joined by a widebody base, both of which disguise the CT200h vehicle that the Five Axis Project CT truly is.  The vehicle also makes use of Lexus' award winning Stoptech High Performance Big Break Kit.  Keep in mind that this vehicle is still considered a hybrid and its sister, the CT200h, has been named the most fuel efficient luxury car on the market thanks to a 42 mile per gallon EPA rating.  Needless to say, you'll spend little time running to the gas station.



What's really inspiring about the Five Axis Project CT is its interior.  An Ultrasuede EcoDesign custom interior combines sassy features like bright orange suede seating with a display screen tucked into the dash displaying important motoring details like GPS maps and even more important social details like the latest Facebook feed.  In a wrap up, the car is hot, capable and earth-friendly – a perfect combination for the modern driver.


2012 LFA:

If the Five Axis Project CT and its modern charm doesn't provide enough of the "performance" Lexus claimed in its Chicago Auto Show display for your liking, perhaps the 2012 LFA supercar will do the trick.  The vehicle is a V10, 552-horespower sports car.  If that doesn't provide enough performance for you, nothing will.  Unfortunately, this superhuman vehicle is available only to those with 5,000 sitting around.  The 2012 LFA has been available for purchase from Boston Lexus dealers and Lexus dealers across the country since last month.

Paul Rohovsky, who is the National Manager of Events and Promotions for Lexus and who was in charge of the Chicago Auto Show this year said, "For more than a decade, Americans have made Lexus the top luxury brand in the country because of its refined sedans and SUVs, but there's more to this company than meets the eye. Lexus brings new excitement to the brand with vehicles like the LFA supercar and youthful CT 200h entry-luxury hybrid. Our F Sport accessories allow customers the opportunity to turn up the performance quotient on a number of vehicles."


For more information on the vehicles displayed at this year's Chicago Auto Show and how to become a modern day driver, visit your local <a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/4625826']);" href="</strong><a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/4625826']);" href="">">Boston Lexus dealer</a>. Boston Lexus dealers will have the vehicles on sight for a test drive, as well as employees with exceptional knowledge of the vehicles.  So step up your performance today by stepping onto a Lexus dealer lot.


About the Author: Joseph Steed is a freelance journalist living in Boston.  Lexus, and the Boston Lexus dealer, offer Joseph information for articles about the most exciting models currently in the automotive world.  In his free time, Joseph enjoys travelling with his wife and two children.

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