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hero On July - 23 - 2011

FOR MORE CAR VIDEOS & REVIEWS CHECK OUT Porsche Cayenne. When Porsche announced it was going to build an SUV a decade ago the idea was scoffed at. Many couldn't imagine a Porsche SUV, but now that vehicle -- the Porsche Cayenne -- is an unqualified success. It takes a practiced eye to discern the changes that mark the second-generation - 2008 Porsche Cayenne model from the outside, but the changes on the inside have enhanced its previously high capabilities on and off road. Power and fuel efficiency are up across the board, and the most powerful 2008 Porsche Cayenne boasts a staggering 500 horsepower. Plus, innovation continues to make the vehicle a technical tour de force. For more new car reviews, interviews and automotive news visit today.

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19 Responses so far.

  1. wenonaruss says:

    t i like the panamera but this looks like a ass but good.

  2. kansasfananna says:

    @usaeed85- yes, he went to the dealership & bout’ it, duhh? Dnt be calling my dad a cheapskate when u probably live unda a fucken bridge.

  3. fur1ouss1 says:

    shit instead of suv

  4. ac690 says:

    Shit cars in USA are cheap compared to australia

  5. usaeed85 says:

    @kansasfananna so he just went to the dealership and bought it ? where do you live ? Beverly hills ? ..what a fucking cheapskate ? people who own cars like that don’t go about showing off on you tube..have some class

  6. usaeed85 says:

    @misterwipedown wow skater girl in a porsche i would love to see that trainwreck

  7. usaeed85 says:

    @PatrickMurphy26 Hahaha How old are you…?…stop bragging about how rich your dad is…

  8. j3zr33Lwiriwiri says:

    @usaeed85 i know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. usaeed85 says:

    @kansasfananna wow what a rich family you guys ..well guess what …NOBODY CARES !

  10. usaeed85 says:

    @j3zr33Lwiriwiri Its called an SUV..

  11. gunsnflamethrowers says:

    @liej010 i didnt say the range rover was faster, i said it was an all round better car, most of the time in a car, you are on the road, thats where it mostly matters unless you are a spoilt brat that owns their own race course. If you want an suv, you should get a range rover coz its better on and off road, if you care about performance then an m5 or xfr is a way better option and would murder a cayenne and you wouldnt look like a complete idiot in a car that is fuck ugly, and i know cars

  12. liej010 says:

    @gunsnflamethrowers you know nothing about cars and clearly can’t afford one. especially considering that the only range rover that can remotely keep up with a cayenne is the supercharged model, and that is only in a straight line. take them around a track and the range rover will be on its ass.

    sources: my family owns 4 porsches and nobody i’ve ever seen in a range rover had a shot in hell at keeping up with me.

  13. cptn747 says:

    getting a 2008/2009 cayenne turbo in december :D

  14. addison567 says:

    @gunsnflamethrowers Have you ridden in one. I promise if you do you will change your thoughts.

  15. kansasfananna says:

    Haha, funny how people are saying Porsches are slower then Jaguars. Pretty sure they aren’t when my bro’ has a Jaguar & raced against my Dad’s Porsche & my dad won.

  16. kansasfananna says:

    Ummm, my dad bought a Porsche suv the other day & it’s not the same as a Lexus or BMW, infact its better. Just because you can’t afford a Porsche, doesn’t mean you need comment and critis the folks who can.

  17. gunsnflamethrowers says:

    why on earth would any human buy one of these, its pointless, if you want an SUV, get a range rover, costs about the same and is way better equipped, rides far better and does not look ugly as hell, if you want a fast car for the family, whats wrong with a bmw m5 or jaguar xfr, this car is for people who think having an expensive porsche fo/r the family is a good idea but in reality is an uglier, fatter, slower and more expensive 911

  18. redneck4runneroutlaw says:

    You sound like Harold Camping?!?!

  19. Aerosmithfan507 says:

    @luis61961944 09 i think