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hero On June - 7 - 2011

The Opel GT is a two-seat sports car first presented as a styling exercise in 1965 at the Paris and Frankfurt motor shows, and introduced as a production model late in 1968 by Opel, a German subsidiary of General Motors. It relied partly on components from the contemporary Opel Kadett B and had a body made by French contractor Brissonneau & Lotz. Its styling has been likened to the 1968 Chevrolet Corvette which went on sale in September 1968.

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  1. wavetothekillcam says:

    i have that exact same opel in my garage

  2. cliffthelightning says:

    Ahhh old car commerials… before they went al ‘Semi art interesting’

  3. nascar88218 says:

    my bro got one!

  4. boogioogigoof says:

    Thumbs up if this car looks like a compact Corvette!

  5. Celsius1996 says:

    @BAR1918m4a3 It was actually designed back in ’65 :-)

  6. BAR1918m4a3 says:

    looks a lil` bit like 1969 Corvette Sting-Ray

  7. keiakary says:

    poor man

  8. keiakary says:

    que cabus señor no lo enseñe por favor

  9. kolbpilot says:

    How times change. When these were out & about, I never cared for ‘em much. Too small in a sea of 6 litre + V8′s . But it did & does look cool. I would like to drive one to see what there all about.

  10. gugacnc says:

    Great video, i am a opel fan too…take a look at my video of my opel rekord 67 with camera on board….

  11. socalscottiesoul says:

    I’m 6’6″ and I had plenty of room in my ’71 Opel GT.. Those headlights however, did not perform like in this commercial. With all my might, I was able to pull the lever to engage them. From then on, they were always up!!!
    Check out the 2010 Opel GT… SWEET!!!

  12. lukeslandspeeder says:

    i also forget the wiper motor seizing up prob with these GT cars. let them sit a while and they seize up. still no biggie.

  13. lukeslandspeeder says:

    hee. i always thought the small size was over dramitized in this commercial 4 theatrical purposes.

    my opel GT like this one has plenty of room to get in.

    i think they look better with no bumpers on the back also for a more corvette look.

    opel gt, #1 volkswagon and chevette. best cars ever made even with the material problems such as steel GT body thats rust prone. and clips etc on the chevette that are broke prone. the VW has noise probs, but thats about it.

    still best cars ever.

  14. WA4RRN says:

    Ahhhhhh….the Poor Man’s Sting Ray! Delightful.

  15. astrastyle says:


  16. ezdadd says:

    denpeters, you’re missing the ’73. My very first car was a 1970, but my father owned two 1973 models.

  17. alan933 says:

    I had the 1971. Great car. Loved the left pedal wiper switch. Wish cars today had it.

  18. denpeters says:

    I thought GTs were made/imported from 1968 to 1972. That would make only 5 model years. Which year am I missing? Myself, I had a 1970 stock which totally ROCKED! The only thing small about the car that I remember is the room around the engine under the hood. You needed small hand or a lot of patience to work on them. I am six foot tall and not skinny and had no trouble getting in or out of the car and moving around quite freely once inside. I’d love to have another to play with!

  19. chicorompecabesa says:

    nice car such a small car.

  20. HerrKolosimo says:

    very glad your video is still there. Youtube deleted some Opel GT videos in the last weeks.