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hero On May - 31 - 2011

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today unveiled Nissan LEAF, the world's first affordable, zero-emission car. Designed specifically for a lithium-ion battery-powered chassis, Nissan LEAF is a medium-size hatchback that comfortably seats five adults and has a range of more than 160km (100 miles) to satisfy real-world consumer requirements. Get the complete story on all alt fuels and vehicles at

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  1. jstack6 says:

    @ELTCARautomotive yes, they are new and slowly getting up to mass production. Why does a corvette cost so much more and only carry 2 people. Low volume production costs, I predict in time EV’s will cost less, do more, last longer and make you money with !

  2. TheCashistrash says:

    @jmlew just get a darn diesel car they give you about 30% more fuel mileage and the fuel cost is only about 10% higher vs regular fuel. The repair bills on electric or hybrid cars is rediculous. only engineers can work on them.

  3. gisellemartins20 says:

    Thumbs up to leave this message on the top to help answer always the same following stupid question!

    But electricity comes from coal no?

    Answer :

    The power source may be coming from coal powered plants but it uses the power far more efficently than a combustible engine and therefore pollutes FAR less than ICE motors.

    Secondly, it has the ability to be powered from renewable non polluting energy sources like wind,solar.hydro,ec­­t..

    Electric cars are the future and nothing will stop it

  4. tnguyen318 says:

    Why would popular cars cause prices to drop? Why would mass produced cars causes prices to drop? Isn’t it already mass produced? Have the prices of cars ever drop or are they getting more expensive?

  5. tnguyen318 says:

    It is said that electric cars cost so much because of battery technology. You’d figure 4 rechargeable lithium batteries are for sale at $21.00. Thats $5.00 a cell. The Nissan Leaf may be carrying about $9,000 dollars worth of batteries. Electronic technology (circuit boards etc) may costs around $6,000. Electric motor may cost around $3,200. Chassis and Body panel production may cost $5,000. Interior materials may cost $5,000. Total to be $32,500 before possible “income tax” credits.

  6. 395131 says:

    i could imagine myself going to work for 8-10 hours while my car is charging in the parking lot =)

  7. BabackKhorramdin says:

    @ELTCARautomotive Cost will eventually drop down as electric cars become more popular and mass produce and for sure technology will improve as demands increase. This isn’t new technology we have it for at least past 50 years. When gas cost its $10 per gallon even 18 wheelers become electric. I wish to that day!

  8. jmlew says:

    Hurry up and release the LEAF!! Gas is creeping up to $5.

  9. Butchmedic says:

    Quiet – Fast – Efficient – Relaxing – Roomy – Easy
    Stylish – Futuristic – Quick Charge at dealers?
    Bought it !
    Love it !

  10. jerdub1993 says:

    what was the point of those 3 lights? cuz i highly doubt that is the ENTIRE time it takes to charge the car.

  11. abradras says:

    give it to stig !! XD ..i would love to have this car! i hope soon will every car manufacture have electric model so prices would drop rapidly down. if you drive a SUV and you are not a forest worker you are a terrorist ! :P

  12. TheAutoChannel says:

    The cost of producing the electric motor and battery can cost as much or more that the entire standard gasoline-powered version. Therefore the retail cost must be higher.

  13. ELTCARautomotive says:

    Is there anyone who can explain to me why electric cars cost so much compared to a petrol model? This does not make sense!

  14. AVeryBeautifulLoser says:

    @2008calender I hate to inform you but I’m American, and not everybody I see is obese. Yes it is true that we are starting to have a problem with that, but it is slowly being fixed. Also, we don’t all drive muscle cars and SUV’s. I see plenty of Hybrids going through town and other small cars. Yes it is true, a lot of us drive SUV’s as well. But realistically Muscle cars are too expensive.

  15. kaduisaui says:

    Japan rules!

  16. hawkermustang says:

    @2008calander It not just that, there are fewer pussies in America.

  17. Bluheim2030 says:

    @ejhernandez Gay

  18. HawaiianKine23 says:

    I hate hybrids. if i ever had one i would drop a v8 in it :)

  19. chrisw443 says:

    Also this is not the first real world car, it has less range than phenoix motorcars suv and sut and longer charge time… lol.

  20. 2008calander says:

    Americans will never fit in this car they’re too Fat. That’s why they all drive big muscle cars and SUV’s.

  21. mldiaz says:

    maybe it is,nt the best choice when you,re going to have only one car,but if your wife already has a petrol car,it,s perfect as a second car for any home. im considering to buy it to make the way from home to work , 25 miles.

  22. eduardosilva2007 says:

    it’s too bad that the government only alow 20.000 of this a year!, you knowoil MAFIA!
    they are scared to lose their profits,, by the way , this 20.000 reverved is allready sold out!

  23. danny312515 says:

    nomal charge?

  24. andrewcbro says:

    looks like a upgraded versa