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hero On April - 1 - 2011

Episode 6 of your Driving Sports TV Extra! Ford sells Volvo to Geely, final specs and video of the new Ford Mustang GT, go racing with the BOSS at Daytona and Ryan weighs in with his prediction on the new RX-7.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

As known as Geely Panda Cross 6 airbags / C-NCAP 5-star safety rating L*W*H(mm) 3815*1648*1530 Wheelbase(mm) 2340 Power 1.3L gasoline /63kw 1.5 VVT gasoline /75kw Top Speed 165km/h
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses so far.

  1. 20bwannab says:

    @darkrx777 yeah thats very true

  2. Tj1056 says:

    wtf you cant bring back a car and have less whp…

  3. 510musicmaker says:

    btw. i think they should call the “new rx7″ an RX16 since thats the engine theyre gonna use. Renesis X16. that way, it wont ruin the RX7s name and rep if it fails.

  4. 510musicmaker says:

    because of the low sales of the rx8, mazda dropped plans for the revival of the best rotary in the world! even if they dont revive it, im gonna buy a used FD from RE Amemiya someday.

  5. sparkysports says:

    I’m looking forward to return of a RX-7 with updated rotary.
    But rotary updates alone won’t get it 30mpg and also pass EPA. They’re going to need to look at gearing and keep the weight way down – this won’t be easy

  6. daftmou5 says:

    Never happened, 2011 Rx7

  7. againstallgate7 says:


  8. Niche79 says:

    Mazda will fail as honda and toyota has if they hold back with a pathetic 200hp, it will sell to the ladies and the old guys who need a sporty car but nothing more than that. Too many other cars do 200hp and are better. I miss the 90s!

  9. Niche79 says:

    @Pbitms1 Honda and toyota needs to come with it as well, lol they stopped making sports cars years ago sadly.

  10. TheBdavis231 says:

    The 2012 RX7 should have 350 hp version and a 500 hp version so it can compete with the GTR and the LF-A

  11. darkrx777 says:

    All his predictions are shit AHAHAHAHAHAH.

  12. darkrx777 says:

    @20bwannab rx2′s are sick, if theyr guna make an economical rotary they it shouldnt have rx on it at all

  13. wa11pon33 says:

    FORD SUCKS DICK therefor MUSTANG SUCKS DICK and Mazda RX7 is amazing

  14. 20bwannab says:

    If you don’t like low mpg then don’t buy a sports car its simple.
    His prediction of it will achieve 30mpg haha unless its like miata size cause alot of attention was put in just the FD to keep it light and it doesn’t even get close to 30mpg. Even thou i think mazda should build a economy coupe just to establish more of a market for rotarys but shouldn’t be named the next rx7 cause that will just poop on the name and should more be called the rx2

  15. bontis101 says:

    i dont mean to be the bearer of bad news. but 94 fd gets roughly 20 mpg on highway. its not possible to get 30…mpg on rotary engine……….and theres no way it will sell for 20k, my fd new sold for 56k. roughly 40k is possible..maybe around there

  16. hyperdrachen says:

    haha love the predictions for the new RX-7… 30mpg…. yeah….

  17. Texarmageddon says:

    @Pbitms1 They aren’t coming with it.. not with a rotary.. RX-8 was banned in Europe, and will be banned from America soon. The rotary isn’t fuel efficient at all. yet, don’t feel too bad as the STI and Evo are facing the same crap. Cheap, small, bargain cars are NOT efficient

  18. Pbitms1 says:

    MAZDA needs to come with it, ford came with it, dodge came with it, chavy came with it, im not looking to save gas that’s why i have an aveo, GIVE ME MY ROTARY POWER.

  19. Pbitms1 says:

    MAZDA needs to come with it, ford came with it, dodge came with it, chavy came with it, im not looking to save gas that’s why i have an aveo, GIVE ME MY ROTARY POWER.

  20. ethosflux says:

    A light weight rx7 that competes with the miata would be brilliant, but is mazda this dumb to compete with themselves?

  21. FrvrCwbyF says:

    Why did he skip the 2nd generation Rx-7 FC3S?

  22. chnsx7 says:

    to each his own, but the only thing i agree about his prodiction is that it will be a door coupe. i believe it will be out in 2012 or later. And no way in hell is it going to be in the low $20,000 range. I’ll say $30-$40ks.

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