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hero On March - 30 - 2011

Toyota Tacoma Mud Truck rollin on 44 Boggers at River Run near Jacksonville TX 4.3.2010 1995 Toyota Tacoma: V6, Auto, Doubler t-case, Triangulated 4-Link rear w/ 10.25 sterling, detroit locker, 5:13 gears. Leaf spring front w/ Ford D60, detriot locker, 5:13 gears, High angle driveshaft, warn hubs (JUNK). 44x18.50 Boggers on home made bead locks. 15" bobbed bed with toolbox, custom front winch mount with warn (JUNK) 9.5 winch Be sure to check us out on Facebook at Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors for all the latest updates!


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50 Responses so far.

  1. tropicallumber says:

    what ya roll up the windows for?

  2. 14ducksfan says:

    3.4 with a flowmaster, love the way that sounds.

  3. Ackmedthedead says:

    Fuck i want one

  4. jivarvo22 says:

    im surprised that v6 had the balls to turn those 44s!

  5. rekjavicxxx says:

    @mrlarryhill666 To get the O_o OMG WTF from people as ya roll by ;)

  6. mrlarryhill666 says:

    i’ve been in mud that’s mid way up my grill and made it through…what’s the point of getting big ass lifts and tires just to try to go through something tire high? save the money, build a better rig, and do the same thing

  7. bsballfn1721 says:

    fuckin ‘yotas…

  8. rpeagram says:

    Very cool. Glad it had a bottom to it; your saving grace.

  9. slapoutz says:

    @xacdcx7 i know the specs =P
    1995 Toyota Tacoma: V6, Auto, Doubler t-case, Triangulated 4-Link rear w/ 10.25 sterling, detroit locker, 5:13 gears. Leaf spring front w/ Ford D60, detriot locker, 5:13 gears, High angle driveshaft, warn hubs (JUNK). 44×18.50 Boggers on home made bead locks. 15″ bobbed bed with toolbox, custom front winch mount with warn (JUNK) 9.5 winch

  10. TheBikefish says:

    i wonder what the people at the car wash said when he brought it in

  11. UntamedAdreniline says:

    @kbj42016 i don’t think a 4 banger could turn those in even in low

  12. gh0zt36 says:

    yeaa that had nothing to do with the truck… driver sucks all that pedalin he did is why he couldnt get out … its called momentum when you pedal like that you loose your foward motion if you had just gave it steady gas and gradually increased the throttle you woulda got out the first pass

  13. xacdcx7 says:

    @rekjavicxxx haha i think its pretty funny when i see comments like that and i love muddin vids haha

  14. chevyfreak24 says:

    toyota suckss chevy all the way!!!

  15. magnesiumpearlrt says:

    Whoa the little 6 banger that could….shows that its all in the gears!

  16. rekjavicxxx says:

    @xacdcx7 Yeah….lotta folks don’t have much sense here on the innerwebs. Found that out long time ago.
    Thanks for checkin out the vid man :)

  17. chare1979 says:

    Hell yeah cant wait till all the snows gone and people start boggin here in Michigan again

  18. xacdcx7 says:

    @rekjavicxxx dont you love when ppl comment on your videos acting like they know every spec of the truck….

  19. KingDeadPool11 says:

    needs a small block chevy

  20. undadog10 says:

    where did you get thos boggers?

  21. sixksense says:

    floor it dumb fuk.. get a real motor too

  22. sentineloffreedom says:

    @kbj42016 It sounded like a 4 banger to me too… Those toyota V6 motors can sound surprisingly like the four cylinders with certain exhaust setups.

  23. rekjavicxxx says:

    @kbj42016 It had V6

  24. multiperpose2010 says:

    @XxjoeyxX1000 atleast he wasnt sinking

  25. mikedeenfer says:

    finaly he gave it some at the end :)

  26. mizblu85 says:

    i was going to get a 06 mustang with this years tax return, i work next door to a car dealer ship and this very pretty 04 toyota tacoma truck was sitting in the used side of the lot just looking at me day in and day out for about 6 months. tax day came and i drove away in my taco. i love this truck she talked to me and has been my best friend and has gottin me in and out of lots of mud!! i still want a stang but i can see a pretty stang playing in the mud like my taco!! lol

  27. taitai907 says:

    Let’s face it, the only reason Toyota trucks aren’t the best-selling in the US is because diesel variants aren’t sold in the US. I bet if Toyota brought their diesels here, the only reason people would be any of the other big 3 is because “It’s American”. Toyota RRUUUURRRRRUUUUS (for all you P&S w/ G fans)!!!

  28. SmithDetroit1 says:

    toyota trucks are so damn ugly. But different strokes for different folks i guess

  29. NoobiiPower says:

    I just love the Toyota Pickup,i just fall’d for it once i saw it for the first time, size, shapes, curves, 4×4, reliability and its a diesel.
    Now i know this movie is 4 years old, but the truck its called Hilux, here in Denmark we have the 2L 2.4D(78 Bhp) or 2.4TD(90Bhp) engines models, 2, 4 doors model whit hardtop.
    To sad, i don’t own one.
    I’m 19 and my friends think i’m nuts because i want this truck so baaad.
    Its not like a truck you drive to till it dies, its a truck you drive till you die.

  30. weezyFshady says:

    how about some trucks actually moving?

  31. raulnf81 says:

    toyota is # 1

  32. bmoenhuskyfan1 says:

    the trucks were nice, but the video sucked…to much fancy video work. it need more Toyota trucks too.

  33. khaiho95 says:

    田舎の日本 toyota numba 1, yeeeaaahhh haw,

  34. 2013craig says:

    @yaroslav1514 becasue toyotas are the best lol

  35. kennyleard123 says:

    fuck yea! i fuckin love my 86 yota, best trucks to ever be made hands down.

  36. yaroslav1514 says:

    How dose this have so many views?

  37. cashmab says:

    @mrsmelzbad I have a similar story: me an my buddies got a brand new Suburban stuck up to the door handles in a mud hole (we had to climb out the windows) on a 4 wheeler road off the Glenn Hwy in AK. First a Jeep wagoneer and two 4 wheelers tried to yank it out – didn’t budge, and the jeep’s engine started smoking. Then a tahoe came out and tried. It got stuck too. We were bout to get a Cat D9 in there until a dude came with his lifted Toy. He pulled everybody out even the half submerged ‘burban

  38. kxserty says:

    yota 4 life baby have a 92 pick up ext cab 4×4 best truck ive ever owned

  39. EPzti says:

    i dont know about the redneck part but toyota makes THEE best trucks in the world

  40. muddylux74 says:

    @airborn136 that they are i have a 85 duel cab 5″ lift sitting on 33×12.5.15 and a supercharged efi 4y motor and none of my mates can keep up

  41. bajas4life says:

    toyotas are the best! my 82 4×4 is sweet! havent had any problems!

  42. renster143 says:

    nice video man love toyota trucks only had two , 87 and currently a 98 love them both and i plan on only owning toyotas, my opinion late 80′s Toyotas were the best trucks put on this earth

  43. lesliesmanjeff says:

    video would’ve been better without the gay country music, METALLICA

  44. thehuntman47 says:

    I usually am a fan of the american trucks, but those toyota pickups sure can kick some ass in the mud.

  45. airborn136 says:

    toyota’s r beast!!i know for a fact cause i have a 93′ pickup with 33×12.0×15 and a 4″ suspension lift and it AINT let me down yet!!!

  46. gk029 says:

    @4ord4life ok so in nz where im from you dont have any fuckn road tanks like chevs the only chevs any 1 likes are the old hotrods so get fucked u homo

  47. ozjas says:

    @4ord4life yeah but american trucks keep fucking up and chew too much fuel,,,hey i like the look of the yank trucks, they sure are prerty

  48. 4ord4life says:

    @manis225ful Fuck U< Toyotas are for Little Japs, with little dicks, Drive american if u have ballz

  49. mazana1976 says:

    toyotas the best mt got 323xxx and still goin

  50. YotaOn38 says:

    my toyota on 38s out bogs my friends chevy on 38s. hard to beat a light toyota vs a tank of a chevy or ford

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